Instead of sticking around for my Fashion Show Presentation class I decided to do things a bit different and head to Maxfield LA for the Vetements pop up instead. I rounded a few people from the school to roll with since we got the go ahead to write about the event and made my way to the city of angels. One of the guys brought a jug of vodka he had previously come up on and we promptly hit the gas station for brisk ice tea mixers because we’re classy. If you ever forget what bad traffic is like, drive anywhere in Los Angeles. I dropped of the guys and scored a spot not too far from the front of Maxfield. Upon arrival with “brisk iced tea” in hand, I walked to the front to get a dope picture when I met a super dope girl named Marni

I noticed her Helmut Lang x Travis Scott jacket and we talked about the hype of the Vetements brand and the shift in the paradigm of fashion. She shortly after revealed to me thatshe is at Maxfield on the regular buying threads and that she was not about to wait in the line. She walked us to the front when the doors opened and a few moments later I found myself surrounded buy wonder Vetements pieces. Some of them from the collabs with various brands, embroidered “Beverly Hills” shirts, and Frankenstein-like spliced hoodies with two Vetements designs mashed together. It was wonderful seeing all the coveted designs I had been reading so much about mixed with exclusive pieces that would only be found here and here only. We grabbed a few things and checked out with fear of what the cash register would soon bring. After we poured outside it was time to enjoy the event so I got a few of the free beers that were there and proceeded to the dry cleaning station for a much needed photo-op. By the time I got inside I was feeling the drinks I had been frivolously consuming and was grateful for the bit of space and fresh air I got. Maxfield and Vetements nailed this event and it definitely was the boost of energy I needed to feed the creative beast. Style is alive and well in the street and its hungry.