So the end of the semester is drawing to a close and my collection is underway. Going from not being able to read a pattern to making my own clothing has definitely been a journey in itself and I must say that I’m proud of myself. New life to an old passion for the arts has resurfaced in the form of retail. I’m excited for my fresh take on the things I personally like to wear to finally get in the hands of others. Nothing but positive feed back and good vibes from those around me. Although I still have much to do, I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. My ideas for the brand and physically making them have come to be separate entities that are coming together in this weird sort of symbiotic relationship. I’ve taken away lots of lessons, inspirations, and an insurmountable list of gripes that I wont even get into for the sake of keeping this rant within reason. But seriously like I get people have ideas…Nothing to do with my vision. Want something done, make it yourself, that’s what I did. And secondly I get that every homegirl I ever had wants to model but like…never had any aspirations of a modeling career. My working isn’t your cute toy to play with. Let me rephrase, it is your cute to to play with at the right price. Enough complaints though. Go forth and be dope.